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About Us

International Welding Rods Factory is a manufacturer of welding electrodes located in Doha - Qatar. We are an established company with much confidence in our aim for excellence in customer satisfaction. We have a high standard of the quality and the services we provide to our clients.

Who We Are!

Situated in the modern Industrial Area of Doha Qatar, with a land area of 4,971 square meters, International Welding Rods Factory was established in 2072. IWRF is a 100% local manufacturer of high-quality mild steel welding electrodes. Proud as we are, International Welding Rods Factory is an ISO-certified company with high-quality machines, a well-knowledge management team, and a highly experienced group of production people working together ensuring to provide our clients with excellent products. 

About Us

As a growing company that is fully dedicated to its clients, our services do not end with just providing them with the best products, hence we also have excellent customer and after-sales service giving them high customer satisfaction before, during, and after business.

We believe in keeping the customers satisfied by providing them with the products at a very competitive price. We shall be much obliged if you will give us a chance to prove our ability and capability at the earliest opportunity.


Being in the construction and building material business, our company, International Welding Rods Factory Continuously strives for excellence. Our organization never stops seeking technical innovation, brand renovation, participating in local and international exhibitions as part of our marketing strategy and brand awareness. We make it a point that we keep IWRF up to date on the current market situation, thus helping us to create and implement effective business strategies. We strongly believe that IWRF has everything it needs To achieve its future goals and keep up with other long-standing companies in the same industry as we are.

IWRF people work with our core values in mind helping us to be more motivated and competitive as the business grows. Positively, with the fast-paced, continuously growing compet1t1on in the construction industry, we claim that IWRF is ready to take on the challenge.