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High-Quality Mild

Steel Welding Electrodes

About Us

Situated in the modern Industrial Area of Doha Qatar, with a land area of 4,971 square meters, International Welding Rods Factory was established in 2072. IWRF is a 100% local manufacturer of high-quality mild steel welding electrodes. Proud as we are, International Welding Rods Factory is an ISO-certified company with high-quality machines, a well-knowledge management team, and a highly experienced group of production people working together ensuring to provide our clients with excellent products.


Our mission is to provide our clients with the utmost customer satisfaction by producing high-class welding electrodes without compromising the safety of all our employees as well as to generate returns from our locally produced materials. 


Our vision is to be one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of world-class welding electrodes locally and across the region. A well-known company not just of its top-of-the-list quality products, hence as well for its excellent client dedication and people focused organization. 

Core Value

Being honest without being watched. We believe that our honesty, consistency, and strong moral principles will be the stronghold for everything we do thus translating to the best results for our well taken care of organization as well. 



More than the business, our organization is focused on our people. We ensure that the health and safety of our people is our priority on top of any other business deals and requirements for we believe that they are the main key in keeping our business up and going. 


We are not talking just about the profit. We take care of our clients and to end of the business, thus we provide customer-friendly, reliable people for all their business requirements. 


We do not compromise quality over quantity. Our products are being made with a high sense of keenness and attention to each and every process we do. 

Our Products

Welding Rods

Black Annealed Wire & Black

Wooden Nail 

Cloths Hanger

Who We Are!

International Welding Rods Factory is a manufacturer of welding electrodes located in Doha - Qatar. We are an established company with much confidence in our aim for excellence in customer satisfaction. We have a high standard of the quality and the services we provide to our clients.

International Welding Rods Factory

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